Over the past decade, the University of Hong Kong School of Public Health research team has contributed significantly to research on the situation of influenza and other infectious diseases in the community, analyzed different influenza vaccines and vaccination programs for the elderly. We know that influenza vaccination plus appropriate personal hygiene are the most effective method to prevent influenza. However, according to our experience in community research, the perception of influenza among community elderly, the impact on health and the effective methods for preventing infection from influenza, including personal hygiene and influenza vaccination is still beyond expectation. Beside, the effectiveness of the standard influenza vaccine in older adults is often not as good as in young population.

In view of this, we hope that through the “Integrated Programme for Influenza Prevention among Community Elderly", for the purpose of health promotion, community service and scientific research, to share our experience and achievements with community elderly, enhance their ability to prevent Influenza and identify the most suitable vaccination strategy for Hong Kong older people.
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