Integrated Programme for Influenza Prevention among Community Elderly:
"Flu-proof-elders" Health Promotion Service
Influenza infection triggers seasonal epidemics every year and is associated with a considerable burden of hospitalizations and death annually. Elders belong to the high-risk population group and once infected, influenza could cause serious illness and a higher risk for complications which require hospital admissions. Ease of disease transmission and outbreak potential have always been a major concern in community setting, owing to the suboptimal influenza vaccination rate and relative poor immunity among the community elderly. With our prior experience in conducting public health research, we would like to conduct health promotion programme to specifically address the common misunderstanding and misconception regarding influenza transmission and pitfalls in daily hygiene practice. We aim to enhance public health knowledge among the elderly, raise awareness on the health concept of influenza prevention and cultivate good personal hygiene habits as to minimize the risk of being infected.

The health promotion programme will commence in mid-2017 at different Hong Kong community elderly centers. If your organization is interested in this program, please fill out the registration form and our team will soon contact you.
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